ANICA RUSSO(pronounced: Aniza) is an international pop artist, songwriter and musician based in Berlin, Germany.
The half Croatian and half Italian grew up in a small village in Northern Germany and began to play the guitar at the age of 4.
She started early playing solo gigs and went busking through the streets of her hometown. At 18, Anica Russo signed her first major record deal and soon entered the charts with her single REBEL. To free herself from any kind of external control, Anica started her 12 months independent project „Woke Up Dreaming“ in late 2020 and gained over 100.000 followers and millions of views on Social Media. She supported artists like Alan Walker, Alex Aiono, Zoe Wees and became the ambassador for German mental health organization „JugendNotmail“ (youth in danger), sending out a message of hope and belonging to her community. During the pandemic, Anica reassessed who she wants to be as an artist. The result: mysterious dark pop music with a deeply embedded message of self-empowerment! Her new single „Set You On Fire“ is OUT NOW!