Anica Russo (pronounced: Aniza) is an international pop artist and songwriter, originally from Germany.
The half Croatian and half Italian began to play the guitar at the age of 4 and wrote her first songs at 7.
Growing up in a small village, she started early playing solo gigs and went busking through the streets of her hometown. At 18 Anica Russo signed her first major record deal and soon entered the charts with her single REBEL. She supported artists like Alan Walker and ALLE FARBEN and worked with international acts like Alex Aiono, Hugo Helmig, Paul Russell and Paradigm. After almost two years in a major deal, with her fully self-written debut EP „Felicity“, a support tour, first TV appearances and brand collaborations with Gibson, Buffalo and star designer Marina Hoermanseder, the young musician decided to free herself from any kind of external control and started her 12 months independent project „Woke Up Dreaming“. Just a couple of months later, she gained over 56.000 followers and millions of views on TikTok. Anica Russo sees herself side by side with numerous other female artists who are fighting against the structures and heteronomy of the industry and who are growing and supporting each other as independent artists. 

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